A Few Reasons You Might Need Dishwasher Repair

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Dishwashers are great kitchen appliances that are very durable, usually providing reliable service for years without needing dishwasher repair services. Still, things do go wrong and your appliance could develop a problem that requires dishwasher repair. Before you call a dishwasher repair company to come take a look, check the symptoms below for some simple problems that may cause your appliance to act up. You may be able to easily correct the problem yourself.

Dishes Not Properly Cleaned

Dirty dishes is one of the main complaints that appliance owners have when they call for dishwasher repair services. There are many reasons why your appliance may not be cleaning well, including:

  • Crowding – Crowding prevents water and detergent from reaching all items. Put in fewer items and space them to resolve the problem.
  • Calcium and Rust Deposits – Calcium and rust build-up inside the appliance can cause streaks or clog spray arms. Avoid calling for dishwasher repair by regularly using cleaning tablets designed to remove this build-up.
  • Clogged Spray Arm – Food can sometimes clog spray arm holes. Remove the spray arms and wash them off.

Spots or Scratches on Glassware and Dishes

Spots on the glassware and dishes are annoying and unsightly. You can often get rid of spots without calling a dishwasher repair company by using cleaning tablets to prevent calcium build-up and by using a rinse aid. Avoid using too much rinse aid since this can also cause spots.

On the other hand, scratches can be caused by too much pre-rinsing. Detergents are designed to lightly scour food off the dishes; when there is nothing to be washed off, abrasive elements in some detergents could scratch dishes.

Water Not Draining Out of Bottom

If you frequently find a puddle in the bottom of your appliance, this means something is preventing the water from draining out. Before you call for dishwasher repair services, remove and clean out the filter in the bottom of the machine. Then check the air gap between the appliance and the sink as this filter could also be clogged.

Appliance Runs Too Long

When it seems like your appliance runs longer than normal, this could result from taking extra time to heat the water. You can avoid this by first running your faucet until the water gets hot so the dishwasher can heat to temperature faster. If this does not help, there could be a problem with the timer or heating element in which case you may want to call for dishwasher repair.

Bad Odors

A bad odor coming from your appliance typically means one of two things. Either your appliance is not draining well or food and grease particles are blocking the bottom filter or collected around the door gasket.

Clean the gasket and filter to make sure there is no food stuck in your drain line or disposal. Clean the appliance by running a cycle on hot with white vinegar and baking soda in the pan. If the problem persists, a dishwasher repair company may need to take a look to make sure there is no drainage issue.

Although these common concerns can be annoying to deal with, a little investigation may mean you can do your own dishwasher repair. Keep your appliance trouble-free by using the right products, loading items correctly, and making sure the unit drains properly. Chances are, you will not need to call for dishwasher repair services. When these symptoms recur or if your appliance exhibits other problems, your local dishwasher repair company will be happy to help out!

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